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Pharmadress offers an ecological SAP

Pharmadress offers an ecological SAP

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Pharmadress super absorbent polymer (SAP) can effectively absorb a wound’s liquid without fouling, directly or as part of non-woven based dressing.

Wound dressing materials differ in their absorption abilities, their physical form and ability to fill wound cavities, and different additives (like silver ion, activated charcoal, collagen, etc.).

Absorption of wound exudates is one of the most important factors in treating chronic wounds.

The wound exudates contain inhibitory factors (like proteinases) that slow the wound healing process. Exudate that accumulates in wound cavities can cause wound infection and the propagation of the wound into nearby healthy tissue.


Chronic wounds are wounds that fail to heal in an acceptable time frame

(usually in three or four weeks).
The main causes of chronic wounds are venous insufficiency, pressure ulcers and diabetes.

The prevalence of chronic wounds is around 3-4% of the general population.
Various products in the market address this problem, but none provide an optimal solution.

All the modern wound dressings retain moisture in the wound while absorbing the wound exudate.

Our material has superb absorption capabilities compared to other available wound dressings.

It can easily fill various wound cavities without fouling and is totally biocompatible.

Pharmadress material has the advantage

Our material combines high absorption and an ability to control the drug release of a variety of medical products.
All the raw materials and ingredients are non-toxic and FDA food and pharmaceutical grade approved. FDA tests regarding the physical properties of the material were conducted by Pharmadress with very encouraging results and additional tests

are in process.

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